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Do you feel as though you're unable to get the results you wish for?
Are you busy with work, family, children?

Are you fed up of buying clothes a size too big? 

Are you worried that you aren't fit and healthy enough for your children?
Do you want to change your body shape and lose weight?
Do you want a programme that is easy to follow?
If you answered YES to any of these questions get in touch!

Workout with Sarah Woodhouse, UK WorldSkills Personal Trainer of the Year 2017.  Establish your specific and relevant goals.  Personalised nutrition guidance, regular fitness assessments, workout programmes and much more to help you achieve YOUR goals. Personal training is often the most effective way to lose weight and get fit but most importantly, maintain it once you’ve got there.

Costs for personal training are £180 for 6 x 45 minute sessions.  Or £330 for 12 x 45 minute sessions.  Sessions take place in your home, garden or local park. 


If you would rather not commit to a block of six or twelve at this stage it's £30 for the first session which will then be deducted from the cost of the block if you choose to continue.

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