When can I start?


You may join a Buggyfit class as soon as your have had your GP check (usually at 6 weeks postnatal), and the GP has OK'd you to exercise.  You don't need a specific pram or buggy, we ensure the Buggyfit classes are suitable for all.


What to wear?


  • Layers of clothes, as even in the coldest weather we can get very warm.

  • In cold weather hat, scarf and gloves (for mummy and baby)

  • Good trainers or walking shoes

  • Good fitting sports bra (or two!)


What if it rains?


  • We Buggyfit in all weathers (unless the Met Office suggests we don't go out) so please come prepared

  • Remember "There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!!"

  • Although you may get warm, the babies are not exercising so please remember your babysnuggle, cosy toes or blanket for the cold days - we Buggyfit rain or shine.


What not to forget?


  • Drink for mummy and baby

  • Rain cover / sun shade

  • A mat / something to lie on for floor work

  • Suncream

  • Snack for baby / toddler

  • Toys / books for toddler

  • Completed joining form - download pdf below




Feed baby before coming to class, this means baby isn't hungry and you can get an hour for YOU.  If you're breastfeeding this also ensures you are more comfortable to exercise.